The main stages of growing sunflower

Sunflower growing technology

Soil requirements

The best soil for growing sunflower is black soil with a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction. To get a good harvest, sunflowers need a lot of moisture throughout the season.

Place in the crop rotation

Sunflower is a common crop. Cereals are considered the best predecessors, provided the soil is sufficiently clean of weeds. It is impossible to sow sunflower seeds after crops such as alfalfa and sugar beet because these crops dry out the soil very much. Also, plants such as peas, soybeans, beans are considered bad predecessors - these plants are susceptible to diseases that can affect sunflower.


The greatest harm is caused by perennial weeds - they must be completely suppressed in the soil before planting a plant. After the cleaning procedure, it is necessary to properly level and moisten the soil.


Sunflower lends itself well to any feed. The greatest efficiency can be obtained when fertilizing. In the steppe regions, the use of mineral fertilizers is recommended. The rate is calculated based on the content of the necessary substances in the soil.

How to sow?

The planting density must be selected according to the moisture parameters in each individual field. On sufficiently moist soils, 40-50 thousand plants per hectare are enough, in semi-arid soils - 30-40 thousand. Various factors of plant disease and seed quality are also taken into account.

Plant care

Moisture should remain after sowing. This increases the chance of seed germination. You can also use a variety of chemical herbicides in sachets.