About us - UNICAPS - cultivation and processing of agricultural crop seeds.

About Our Company

I.M.-F.P.C. UNICAPS S.R.L. - the main processor and exporter of agricultural products in the Republic of Moldova. The sphere of commercial interests of the company mainly includes all products obtained as a result of processing sunflower seeds, as well as grain crops.

  • Modern technologies

    Processing of products is carried out in our company in specialized workshops. To achieve the highest quality, we use modern technological equipment from Bühler AG.

  • Delivery to all countries

    Our products are exported to most European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Denmark, Poland, the Baltic States, Bulgaria, Romania, etc., as well as to the USA, China, Eastern countries and CIS countries.

  • Processing

    With regard to the processing of organic agricultural products, our production is also certified by the BCS ÖKO-Garantie Kiwa.

Lid est laborum dolo r

The quality of our products is confirmed by numerous certificates and meets all international standards.

Our History

The company was founded in 1997 and over the years of work has won the authority, as well as the trust and recognition of our customers.

Our Mission

Production and export of sunflower seeds and cereals of the highest quality, according to international standards.



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